OCR software to recognize Handwriting?

Is there any software or app that recognizes handwritten text in images?
tried ABBYY FineReader and Ocrmypdf, but both are focused on computer fonts.
Is there a way to somehow make handwritten text get recognized with KM?

There are some very expensive solutions I'm sure. Large enterprises that deal with hand written forms from the public have methods and software to make this work but I've yet to see anything consumer grade than can do it.

Thanks. yeah, did some more research and found it's mostly cloud services, or enterprise-level products.
Edit: found http://transkribus.eu, looks clunky to say the least... will give it a try.

Transkribus needs a large corpus of transcribed text before it actually recognizes handwriting. It has to be trained for every project individually.


oic, thanks @qrt !