Ode to Shortcat (and how to use the keyboard to get to Safari Tab Groups)

I have been hoping that Safari would someday provide either a keyboard shortcut or menu way of getting to 'Tab Groups'. I have several tab groups that I would love to just have KM activate. After installing the latest safari (16.0) I was disappointed.

Enter Shortcat. I noticed that there is a "Tab Group Picker" in the toolbar, and sure enough Shortcat easily finds it, and allows me to go to any tab group that I want, all via the keyboard.

Combine that with KM (triggered by StreamDeck) and BAM .. one touch tab group open.


Wow, Shortcut looks amazing. @johns, thanks so much for sharing.

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Keep an eye on Ventura -- IIRC there's was mention of tab-group Shortcuts actions on the Automators podcast.

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That would be fantastic, I've not installed Ventura Beta's but it'll be nice to have better Safari Shortcut support for sure

Shortcat looks interesting now. I had a look at it a while back, and seem to remember it was just a tool for referencing UI elements in real-time. Now it seems to be pretty fully-featured!

Is there a way to use it to access UI elements as part of a KM macro without seeing its interface appear? Would certainly be easier than writing AS.

Another one that's quite interesting is Keysmith which seems to find UI elements even if they change group etc. Some wizardry going on there.