Off Topic iPad Question

Sorry to barge in here with a non KeyboardMaestro question. I didn’t see a lounge area so thought I would just ask the question generally here.

It just occurred to me that perhaps someone on this list might have an answer to a problem that I have not been able to resolve. I was given a 2013 model iPad recently. It's my first one. This model is the last of a generation that cannot take modern iPad updates. Because of this, apparently, it won't recognize my iCloud settings as used on my Mac. I can see the iCloud using my iPad, but I can only see a new iCloud folder which should allow me to create and save pages, keynote, and numbers to the iCloud. And I think it does this. But it can't see the other similar created documents that I have put on my iCloud folders from my Mac.

The only thing that seems to work is Notes. That has been OK so far as I can paste what I have been writing into a notes file, the iPad gets it, and I can walk around a bit and still review what I have been writing - or add to it as the notes syncs both ways - as it should.

I was wondering if anyone has come across this problem and can offer me any insights on the issue? Maybe dropbox would work, I haven't tried it yet. I went to the Apple store and all they said was, it doesn’t work, why don't you buy a new one? I can't accept that response yet. Just posting in case anyone has an idea. Otherwise, please feel free to ignore this post. Sorry for the interruption. And, thanks.

Please excuse my asking @levelbest. Is it about you that you can't see the apps in the iCloud like I can, or that you can't save documents etc. in them.
I have understood you in such a way that only one folder is displayed with you!

my english is not so good :face_with_head_bandage:

I believe the problem is that my Mac understands a relatively new concept called iCloud Drive but my earlier version if the iPad is still dealing with the “original” iCloud that doesn’t see it's self as an Apple iCloud Drive, but just as "iCloud" (no drive). So to be clear, my iPad can see an iCloud folder. But nothing in the iCloud folder that my iPad can see seems to have any files on it that my Macs connection to iCloud, can see.

Put another way, I can save a Pages document to iCloud from my mac. If I look at my iCloud account from my iPad, I will not see the Pages document that my Mac just stored there. That is to say, my Mac sees my own iCloud account with different files in it than my iPad sees.

If I create a new Pages document on my iPad, and save to the iCloud account from my iPad, my mac cannot see the new pages document that my iPad just put into my iCloud account.

If this is all Apples confusing doing then I think going to Dropbox should fix the problem.

So you don't have the view like in my gif?

Could you please tell me which model (iPad 4, iPad Air etc.) you have and which iOS is installed on it.
Please also tell me your macOS version (Sierra or High Sierra).
If you've been to the Apple Store, I assume you've already logged out of your iCloud account on your iPad and re-registered. So that the iPad also restarted?

The devil is sometimes in the detail / little thing :wink: