On a mac if you click the mouse with two fingers different things happen, how do you simulate this in KM

Also the two fingers have to be a certain distance apart.

What does a two-finger click do?
Please provide details. Once we understand this, it is likely that KM can simulate it.

It’s equivalent to right and left click in PC. A one finger click usually takes you to a new webpage, a two finger click opens up a drop down box where you can save an image or link, copy an image or link, open link in new tab, open link in new window, etc

If I understand you correctly, and you just want to simulate a right/control click via KM, you can add this Move or Click Mouse action to your macro:

This sounds like the "context menu", which can be shown by either a right-click or a CTRL-click. However, I believe this behavior can be changed in System Preferences.

Assuming the "two-finger click" is the same as a "right-click", you can simulate this in KM as follows:

As you can see, you have numerous choices for the type of click, and which button is used.

In addition,

  • You can specify keyboard modifiers that are held down at the time of the click.
  • Specify the relative location of where to click.

For more details, see Move or Click Mouse action (KM Wiki)

I think this should handle you needs. If not, just let us know.

Thanks that did it. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.