OnAir Light: ON/OFF IF ListOfChromeTabs CONTAINS meet.google.com (Chrome)

Macro to check for open instances of Google Meet in Chrome, and if so, turn on an "On Air" light.
If there is not a Chrome tab containing "meet.google.com" as an URL, then the light is turned off.
I am using a Hue Play bar positioned within the door frame to my office.


  • Google Chrome -> 'is running' -> Repeat every 5 seconds
    (So far does not seem to take up much CPU processing)
    Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 11.46.02 AM


  • Checks Chrome for all URLs being used - saves results as Variable ListOfChromeTabs

  • If ListOfChromeTabs contains "meet.google.com", then executes a powershell script to turn ON light. If not, then executes a powershell script to turn OFF light

Just replace your Philips Hue API values where noted - <HUB IP ADDRESS> | <HUB USERNAME> | <HUE LIGHT ID> - if you need assistance with obtaining these values, the Philips Hue API "Getting Started" Guide will be able to help.

curl --request PUT --data '{"on":true, "sat":254, "bri":254,"hue":65280}' http://<HUB IP ADDRESS>/api/<HUB USERNAME>/lights/<HUE LIGHT ID>/state

curl --request PUT --data '{"on":false, "sat":254, "bri":254,"hue":65280}' http://<HUB IP ADDRESS>/api/<HUB USERNAME>/lights/<HUE LIGHT ID>/state

Hope this helps trying to make work at home a little easier on everyone.

OnAir Light - ON:OFF IF ListOfChromeTabs CONTAINS meet.google.com (Chrome).kmmacros (4.9 KB)

Disclaimer: this is my first post - so forgive any formatting issues.


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I use the "focused window changes" trigger to examine the URL, rather than an timer. And it's only active when Chrome is active. I have another to discover when Chrome deactivates. (i.e. I click away)

I thought I tried that trigger before and found it not working right, but after your reply, I tried it and yeah it's the better move. Would you mind sharing your "click away" deactivate trigger though, would like to see what's going on.

Sorry, it's gone. My use case is a little different than yours (I'm trying to manage Google Meet on a Stream Deck) I found a better way and now that macro is gone.

But I don't think you want it anyway: you might want to click into another app for a moment and leave the lights as they are?