OneNote without shortcuts?

I have been using Keyboard Maestro for almost two months and I have to say it is making my Mac OS work a dream. I so impressed and ecstatic. Keyboard Maestro's functionality as a program, and its incredible community and members are great!
Here is what I am currently challenged with. I am a mostly a Windows user. I have gotten used to Microsoft OneNote on PC for a lot of note taking during support work. Now I am trying to get what I need from OneNote on Mac OSX. The thing I am trying to get help from Keyboard Maestro with, is the shortcuts that are not available on the Mac (I believe). One I really need is a way to select one cell to neatly position an example picture below some text. You can manually do this, but after doing it manually all day I am worn out. It is very tedious to go through the menu and search for it each time. I have constructed a way to do it with mouse moves in Keyboard Maestro. I am felling it could be better. What I have now relies on OneNote to have to be full screen (for me on a second monitor). Could anyone suggest a way for this to be done better. Thanks

I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do, but any operation involving the app menu is probably best done in KM using the Select or Show Menu Item action.

You might also check the Scripting Dictionary list to see if OneNote supports AppleScript/JXA.

Here's a screenshot of the Select or Show Menu Item action with OneNote:

Good luck. Hope this helps.

I had tried this and it seems to just put the default set of cells 8x8. I need just one cell. It seems like they (Microsoft) just left the menu options hanging here. I have searched around the internet and it seems OneNote doesn’t have an AppleScript dictionary, but I will keep looking. Ill keep trying to be creative to get what I want. Thanks

I don’t believe it does. WHen I checked on my other Mac with ON installed, none appeared in the dictionary list, and when I browsed to the app, it was disabled, indication that it does not have a dictionary.

So that leaves you with KM and with AppleScript/JXA UI commands.

Thanks again, yes I think I am left with only that. I don’t know why they don’t have a set of keyboard shortcut that will move you through OneNote menu tabs and tools (like on Windows). I wanted to keep mouse manipulation out of it, but since it is all I have, I am glad I can do something with it. Great!

Just in case you are interested, you can run Windows apps on a Mac using virtual machines like Parallels desktop. They have a very good special right now if you’re interested.

I’ve been running Parallels since Ver 9, and it works very well.

I have been using a VM with VMWARE Fusion but never gave Parallels much of a look until you said it. We already had it because we use it here for other things. I like the way it works better than Fusion. Thanks for that suggestion. So now I am here in OneNote (Windows 7) in Parallels. On a PC the exact set of commands/keystrokes I need is this: Alt then N ,T then Enter, this will give me the one cell I need, if any content is highlighted it will also wrap a cell around it. Is this possible with Keyboard Maestro? I mean to focus Windows in Parallels and send those commands. I can’t seem to get Keyboard Maestro to send the Alt (Option on Mac OS) key first? Alt+N can work but it sometimes misses. When I do it with keystrokes it works. Is there a way to send just the Alt key? Thanks


Great! Hope it works out for you.

Sorry, can’t help here. Maybe Peter will jump in with how KM works with Parallels Windows apps.

Please keep us informed. I’m very interested in this.

Perhaps I’m looking at this the wrong way, but…

If the menu option exists in OneNote, you can just assign a keystroke to that menu item. On a Mac you can assign a keystroke to any menu item in System Preferences/Keyboard.

Also… What’s with the one cell table? Why not just insert the image? What do you gain by wrapping an image in a one cell table?

Way neater positioning of pictures and content. Also the option to add more pics and text to left or right of originally position picture later if it needs to change. I am looking into what you suggested by adding the keyboard shortcut via System Preferences. I am glad to know about that for just using Office on Mac in general. Thanks

Hey Chris,

You do know you can do that with Keyboard Maestro – yes? (Just making sure.)

I actually create quite a few of my menu keyboard shortcuts with the System Prefs (despite the horrible UI), so I can see the shortcut in the menu.

I do use Keyboard Maestro’s Select or Show a Menu Item action when it is expedient.


No, lets backup, I don’t have a clue of how to do this. I thought CareyB was saying you can add a keyboard shortcut to a specific application via Keyboard Preferences. Please explain is as much detail as possible. Are you saying that I should be able to add a OneNote shortcut to System Preferences/Keyboard with a command in Keyboard Maestro? This is getting exciting! Thanks

Hey Chris,

Could that be done? Probably.

Would you want to? No. It would be iffy and cumbersome.

@JMichaelTX shows above how to create a keyboard shortcut to an application menu-item with Keyboard Maestro in post #2 of this thread.

It is similarly possible to do this with OSX’s System Keyboard preferences.

But the UI is cumbersome, and sometimes they don’t work properly.


This became a great discussion. Picked up a lot. I have decided to go with Parallels and use OneNote (Windows) there. But as usual… great info, help, and suggestions! Great! JMichaelTX, CareyB, ccstone, Keyboard Maestro bananas!!! Thanks so much!

Glad you got it worked out.

Did you figure out whether/how to use KM with OneNote Windows?

Seems to me there could be a way to get one cell by having KM do some clicking for you.

[quote=“JMichaelTX, post:15, topic:2493”]
Did you figure out whether/how to use KM with OneNote Windows?
[/quote]As for just send a single Alt key did not see anything change yet. It works well to just send the Alt+N key when I have OneNote focused. When I try to let Keyboard Maestro focus it does not work all the time. This is minor compared to the help it gives me.[quote=“Tunes, post:16, topic:2493, full:true”]
Seems to me there could be a way to get one cell by having KM do some clicking for you.
[/quote]The original macro I posted picture of was doing it with clicking. The problem with this is that it needs to always be full screen and in the same position. This is an option if you have no other, I was looking for a way to be more versatile with where OneNote screen was positioned. I am working with it different now is and it is getting the job done better in many ways. I wish Microsoft would bring some of the features OneNote has on the PC to the Mac. Especially local storage. For now the Parallels option is really working out well. Keyboard Maestro adds to to this in a good way with this shortcut and others. Thanks