Open_1Password_Bookmark not working

I'm having trouble getting the Open_1Password_Bookmark macro working.

In 1Password > Preferences I checked "Integrations: Enable Spotlight and 3rd party app integrations".

In KM I add a new action and add the "Open 1Password Bookmark". When I click on the "Open 1Password Bookmark", specifically on the "Open 1Password Bookmark" dropdown, nothing happens.

How can I get this working?

I'm running KM 8.2.4, 1Password 7.3, and macOS 10.14.5.

I believe all of the KM Ver 8.x 1Password actions work ONLY with 1PW Ver 6.x. The current 1PW version is 7.x.

But the "coming soon" KM Ver 9+ will support 1PW 7+.

OK, thanks for letting me know.