Open a File From a Notification Banner Using Keyboard Maestro

Hi, i want to open a specific file by clicking on the "show" button on notification using keyboard maestro.. i know how to open a specific file on the app, i just don't know which trigger to use for this action ? or if it is even possible to do this..

Hey @Imed,

The macOS doesn't offer hooks to allow Keyboard Maestro to process clicks in a Notification banner.

If you explain your task in more detail we might be able to offer alternatives.


Every day at specific times I need to open and read a pdf. I don't want it to open automatically as it would cause some problems if I was using the mac. If there was an option that could show me a message/reminder that km will open the specified pdf with 2 options :

  • yes : open it now
  • no : I'll open it myself later

Thank you for your concern.

Hey @Imed,

This may or may not import into Keyboard Maestro v8.2.4, as it is from the as yet not released KMv9.0.

In any case it should give you the basic idea.


Timed Macro Example v1.00 (km9.0d5).kmmacros (7.2 KB)

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You can use the Text condition to test the PromptButton token directly, no need for the variable.

You may also want to add an action like:

Pause Until calculation IDLE() > 10

to reduce the intrusiveness of the dialog appearing while working.

Hi @Imed here is my solution.

I use an AppleScript to display a dialog window. In this window I integrated the KM macro AppleScript, which is executed after pressing the "Yes" button.

All you have to do is create a macro to open your PDF and of course customize the app icon :wink:


Daily backup.kmmacros (2,7 KB)

My AppleScript with it:

display dialog "Want to start a backup?" with icon file "" buttons {"Later", "Yes"} default button "Yes"
if button returned of result = "Show" then
   tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine"
      do script "CEA5F53E-73DD-4138-9B1D-4AB3C058655F"
   end tell
end if

Unfortunately I haven't found any instructions yet to do this in KM or with a script @Imed.
Since I like to combine the possibilities of different apps, I use the notification alert of the ChronoSync App.
Besides the sync tasks I can also execute only one AppleScript at a time.

So insert a reference to the KM macro AppleScript and I can work with the ChronoSync Notification Alert.

Looks also a little more stylish, than with the display dialog :wink: