Open a Specific URL in Chrome Tab


I've been using MACRO or PLUGIN: Open or Refresh a URL in a Tab (Safari & Chrome) with great success but am running into a problem I do not know how to solve.

The issue: When I have 1 chrome instance with mutiple tabs, the above plugin/macro works perfectly. If I detach one of those tabs into it's own chrome window, the plugin/macro above just moves to the latest tab, rather than to the specific url tab I indicated.

What I'd like to be able to do: I have a template macro created to fill in a form I use on in docusign. Sometimes I have to go hunt down information in pdfs, and so I come back to fill in the details of the form using the "prompt for user input" action in Keyboard Maestro. The problem is when I use the macro/plugin linked above, and I have two or more chrome tabs open side by side, the macro/plugin fails to select the right tab. If I have all my tabs in one chrome group, then the macro finds the correct tab and brings it up to the forefront and the "prompt for user input" and subsequent "insert text %variable% pastes into the correct spot.

Hope this makes sense. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Maybe someone else can help, but I don't have a clue.

Try naming your Chrome Windows (Window menu or right click top of window) and then use KM action "bring a window to the front".

The issue is I need the tab named, not the window.

How should KM find the tab if it's in a new chrome window that's not known nor in the front?

Not really I'm afraid. You haven't provided enough details with actual URLs, and people have to speculate about what you're actually doing.

If you really want help you need to provide an actual testable use-case that people can try for themselves.

Troubleshooting by proxy is the pits...

What I'm hearing sounds solvable, although perhaps not with Dan's plug-in.