Open An App when another app is launched


What Am I doing Wrong?

I need the hr app (Which is my status bar who's shortcut is in the picture) to open each time I launch Protools.

I've put the notification to check if condition is detected and it is.

But hr is not opening with the simulate keystroke while if I do it manually it works.

If you just try the simulated keystroke, does it launch hhr? It may be that hhr cannot be launched with a simulated keystroke, in which case you might have to look at some other way of launching it (such as Activate Application?)

Hello Peter,
Thank you for your time.
I tried them all.
Activate hr
Show hr
Show Menu in hr
And when I record the action using the mouse I get Activate hr All windows ticked
But still HR in the status bar doesn’t open…
I’m out of solutions…

Hey @ViTheVault,

Try using the Click at Found Image action for now.

Ask the author of the app to include some AppleScriptability or a URL-sheme to allow hr to be scripted.

There’s a chance it could be scripted using UI-Scripting, but that’s hard to suss-out without having your hands on the app.


I never tried this “Click at found image” …
I’ll check it out soon…
All the best and Thank you