Open file with variable path

Hey everyone!

I want to open some files with some variables I set.

but when I get to that part of the macro its says file path non-existent. Maybe this is not the way to use that action. I'll upload the macro so you get the idea.

PD: This two variables are the result of a whole macro, I'm just uploading the end of it.

Exporting videos.kmmacros (3.0 KB)


This is probably not an existing path. (Well, it could be, but this is unlikely.)

~ is a shorthand for /Users/ldiegoa. (If we assume that ldiegoa is your username.) So the path you are giving here actually is /Users/ldiegoa/Users/ldiegoa/Desktop/Macro Test

Correct would be:

/Users/ldiegoa/Desktop/Macro Test


~/Desktop/Macro Test


Here you are prepending yet another ~ which translates to /Users/ldiegoa/Users/ldiegoa/Users/ldiegoa/Desktop/Macro Test

Correct would be:

%Variable%Export video path%/%Variable%Video 1%

Thank you very much man! I was also missing the extension of the file!