Open Finder Selection in BBEdit 15

This simple action worked fine with BBEdit 14 in Ventura but with BBEdit 15 (and Ventura 13.6.4) it only opens the Finder selection if BBEdit is the default application.

If the default application is not BBEdit (say Safari or Xcode), Finder reports it can't open the file with a -128 error ("Application 'BBEdit' can't be opened"). And it reports that twice.

I use this action to avoid opening hypertext files in a browser or code in Xcode to make quick edits. Anyone know a workaround? TIA

Well, fortunately BBEdit doesn't need the Finder. You can run it from the shell. So this works:

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And now the big reveal: why this problem occurred in the first place.

I'm running BBEdit 15 as 'BBEdit' while preserving my previous version as 'BBEdit 14' in case I need to revert. Open Finder Selection apparently tries them both, which is why I get two error messages from the Finder.

When I compressed BBEdit 14, the problem went away. Just one BBEdit.

Sort of surprised that selecting BBEdit in the Open Finder Selection would try BBEdit 14 as well.

Update: Well, that wasn't it after all. I've reverted to my workaround.

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