Open macro continues to require password

Greetings fellow KM family. I hope I am in the right place. This is my first rookie question for this forum. This should be pretty simple for you pros. I am mostly using KM to open files in file maker pro 19 for mac. The problem is when I open the main file and type the password, it still requires the password every time I open the file or related files. What's interesting is, I can go to the file and click on in a folder and the file opens up without asking for a password. But when I use the KM hot key it asks for the password again. Another interesting thing, if I have the shortcut opened and click "Try" is will open without asking for a password.

Thanks for you help.


Could it be caused by the modifiers you are holding as part of the trigger? Some applications behave differently depending on the modifiers that are held when you launch then/open a document. For example, Photos will ask if you want a different photo library if you launch it while the Option key is down, and it doesn't know that the Option key is down because you used Command-Option-P as a trigger for a macro.

Wow! You did it. That was it. I was using the control + option + a letter key for several files. Not using the option key in the hot key has fixed the problem. Thank you so much. Amazing!

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If you did particularly want to use the option key in your key trigger combination, you could add the Pause Until Change action to the start of your macro. Use the setting "the modifiers change".

The trick here is that the application will now not launch till you release the modifiers.

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Good trick. Thanks Kevin.

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