Open Most Recent File in InDesign 2023

Hi KMs,
I am trying to create a macro that opens the most recent file in Adobe InDesign 2023. I see that I can add a Select Menu item, but the problem is, the name of the first item will always change. I thought about trying to create an AppleScript that finds the Recent Documents folder on a Mac and open the most recent one from there. However, I couldn't find where this location is on my Mac. Does anyone know where this might be stored or how I might create a macro to select the first item in the File>Open Recent>[First Item]? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Actually, you're in luck because just selecting the menu up to the point of picking a recent file already highlights the most recent file. After that, Keyboard Maestro just needs to replicate typing the Return key to open it.

Open Most Recent File (InDesign).kmmacros (2.9 KB)


Wow! That saved me a ton of time. It's funny, I was very close and had the macro almost set this way. I had no idea it would automatically select the first item with the Return key. NICE! Thank you Zabobon!

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I made my trigger ⌃O. Thanks again.