Open New Window In Google Chrome or Safari In A Specific Desktop (Space)

This is an elementary question for most of you.

I want to write a Macro that launches a NEW. instance of Chrome or Safari and have it opens it on a specific Desktop in Mac OS.

I have written the simple Open the Browser app-- but as you know after the first time an app is opened-- the 2nd time it just opens the new windows as a Tab appended to the Originally opened Instance.

Can I force KM to open a NEW Instance of the browser and further place it on a specific Desktop?

Thank You for your patience.

Mike-- Charlottesville, Va.

Hi mike, welcome to the forum

You might need to use the New Window action:

Hey Mike,

Welcome. This forum is full of friendly, helpful members. Regardless of how elementary or advanced the problem, you will often get multiple ways to solve it.

I wanted to add to @hello's response and suggest you type "Safari" or "Chrome" or "Browser" into the New Action search to see all sorts of actions that might interest you:


If you add one of those actions, you can then click on the gear icon for that (or any) action and select Help to direct-link to the relevant page in the wiki - or ask addition questions.