Open Screenshots in Yoink Macro

Keyboard Maestro 8.1.1 “Open Screenshots in Yoink” Macro

"Yoink" is a great little utility that gives you an always-on-top shelf to temporarily store files. This macro takes new screenshots and places them in the Yoink tray so I can then annotate or share them without having to comb through my desktop.

Open Screenshots in Yoink.kmmacros (2.5 KB)

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Thanks for your macro @iNik :+1:
I have always solved the transfer of screenshots to Yoink with a Hazel rule. You have a very good approach.

Just put this in place for my “Outbox” folder (my junk drawer folder for temporary files). Then I can save out a PDF copy of a document to my “Outbox” and it automatically appears on Yoink to drag into an email. This is becoming an addiction.

A similar macro I use a lot is I have “destination folders” that are just watched for files. If a file shows up in that folder, it’s opened in the app. Nice for automatically putting attachments in Evernote, sending a file as an email attachment (open in Outlook), or marking up a saved image (open in Pixelmator).

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I know this was from a while ago, @iNik, but just wanted to say thank you. This makes Yoink even more valuable to me.

I'm always, always amazed at the incredible, easily accessible power of Keyboard Maestro. It's why I upgrade every chance I get without question, if for nothing more than to say thank you, @peternlewis!

-- Robert

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