Open Selected File in Application Setup?

What would be the macro setup to open one or more selected files in a designated application? I thought it might be Move file action, but I'm not sure if that's it, or how to use it. Will it require an AppleScript? Thanks for your help.

Never mind, I figured it out.

Hey Bakari,

That works well if you’re wanting to open files with a specific app.

If you want to open files with their default app then use the Finder instead of CS3 in Keyboard Maestro.

Here’s how to do both with AppleScript:


# Open Finder Selection with Default App for Each File.
tell application "Finder" to open (get selection as alias list)


# Open Finder Selection with Specific App.
tell application "Finder"
  set finderSelection to selection as alias list
end tell
if finderSelection ≠ {} then
  tell application "TextEdit"
    open finderSelection
  end tell
end if

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Awesome, thanks. Look forward to using this one.


Which action is shown at the top ("Open in Photoshop")? I can't seem to find it. I just want to open a file highlighted in the finder in a specific application.

I tried this one, which says to option click on the file chooser icon in the action, but I think I'm doing something wrong or this is the wrong action?


It's actually the Open Finder Selection action. It changes its name in the KM editor when you specify a different application; here are a couple of examples:
KM 0 2021-08-03_18-32-35

Here's the wiki page:[]=open&s[]=finder&s[]=selection

Hey thank you!

All working now.

Thanks again!

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