Open specific folder in Notes app [SOLVED]

I tried many different AppleScript options provided in forums, ChatGPT, Claude, but none of them seem to make this work.

I just want to open Notes and instead of the "All iCloud" "folder" being selected, I want it to open in the "Notes" folder.

Any ideas?

Assuming the folder sidebar is visible, why not just do a relative mouse click?

Open Notes App at "Notes" Folder.kmmacros (38 KB)

Macro screenshot

Yes I could do that, but I always like to try AppleScript first to make it a bit more "reliable" and also so I can learn AS as I create new macros :slight_smile:

What would be unreliable about a static mouse click? Take the win! :trophy:

Joking aside, I hear you about learning AS. I'll see if I can figure it out...

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For example, this one is to create a note (offered by someone online), but it doesn't work either. I always get an error:

tell application "Notes"


    set acct to account "iCloud"
    set fol to the first folder of acct

    tell fol to make new note with properties {name:"test"}

end tell

The error:
2024-06-04 10:19:18 Execute an AppleScript failed with script error: text-script:92:104: execution error: Notes got an error: Can’t make show id "x-coredata://9C4E01FE-A422-44EC-BEB9-1C12AF690C55/ICAccount/p27444" into type specifier. (-1700). Macro “Execute an AppleScript” cancelled (while executing Execute AppleScript).

And most of the other options I tried always seem to throw a similar error. Not all the options, but some.

I don't know if being on Catalina makes any difference?

This one works, IF I have a note inside the folder:

tell application "Notes"
	tell account "iCloud"
		tell folder "Notes"
			show note 1
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

But if I don't have a note, it throws an error:
2024-06-04 10:23:22 Execute an AppleScript failed with script error: text-script:68:85: execution error: Notes got an error: Can’t get note 1 of folder "Notes" of account "iCloud". Invalid index. (-1719). Macro “Execute an AppleScript” cancelled (while executing Execute AppleScript).

But I would like it to just open the folder, with or without notes inside.

activate application "Notes"
tell application "Notes"
	tell account "APPLE"
		show folder "Notes"
	end tell
end tell

I don't know what OS you're on but it's APPLE rather than iCloud for me.

Does this help?


Worked like a charm, replacing APPLE with iCloud.
Thanks! :raised_hands:

It seems that both chatGPT and Claude need some AS lessons from you haha

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Oops! Haha.

I don't know if you noticed, but ChatGPT is suffering a major outage at the moment. I think it may have become self-aware and is about to initiate armageddon!

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Yeah I just started using it a few days ago, less than a week I think and I experienced it at least twice.
That's why I started looking for alternatives and found this one called Claude.
It just sucks that when you want to use it you have to login by using a temporary code they email you. Pretty archaic approach, but... I think I will use it when GPT is down.

When someone/something becomes too powerful... that's the consequence :wink:

I know this is getting off-topic, but who cares as it's only us here....

Have you checked out Suno? Prepare to be delighted and terrified in equal measure!

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Suno does not disclose the dataset used to train its artificial intelligence
but claims it has been safeguarded against plagiarism and copyright concerns.[1]

Regulation always lags behind technical tinkering.

( It does catch up in the end )

As @noisneil and I were talking privately, Suno and other similar tools can be amazing tools for inspiration, the same way we get inspiration from real music created by real musicians.

Of course we will see a "tsunami" of AI music (and other art) in the next few years, but I truly believe that those who use the tools as tools instead of the product itself, will always stand out and will become better at their skills. Because when you use the tool as your product, once you remove the tools from the equation, you will really see who's good and who's an impostor. Knowledge is the ultimate value one can keep, not the tool.

Until then, let the lawsuits begin :man_judge:

Perhaps winter first ?

Framing as generative (suggesting content origination) sparked eager funding at first, but experiment has since shown them to be reconstitutive (approximate retrieval from a vector slurry of potentially identifiable inputs), and the investment side is finding that less appetising.

Generative AI seed funding drops 76% as investors take wait-and-see approach - PitchBook