Open tab "~/path/to/file" in Chrome fails, pasting it directly works

Any idea why opening a local file with ~ fails?

Pasting the link directly in Chrome works fine:


The Action require "file://" protocol along with absolute file path if you want to open the file, and file protocol don't understand ~ (from what I know)

Chrome application can do whatever it want to handle the URL the way it want but KM action is designed to handle the URL in its specific way.

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First is, as @macdevign_mac noted, you don't have a valid URL.

But you should be able to display the file using the KM Open File and choose "Google Chrome" as the app.

Thanks @JMichaelTX , that worked

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small update:

Added ~ as a variable so it was passed down; also added "file://" to the URL as @macdevign_mac suggested: