Open the usb directory upon mounting?

So I can create a macro which opens a specific finder window upon mounting an external drive, but I can’t figure out how to open the actual directory I’ve just plugged in…

Is this possible?

(Loving it btw)

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There are several trigger tokens that give you values from the trigger that triggered the macro.

So presuming it is a Volume Mounted trigger, then you can use the Tripped Trigger Value (%TriggerValue%) token to see what volume was mounted.

Hi thanks for the reply…

Where would I type the %TriggerValue% ?

I tried adding an open action with %TriggerValue% but it didn’t work…

I have no clue how to use tokens tbh…

Here is a macro that triggers when any volume is mounted, and asks the Finder to open the volume.

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Perfect! Thanks Peter

I see plenty of scripts to eject disks, but what I do not see is a command to mount disks that are already connected to the computer but not mounted. And I am hoping that the script will be smart enough so that I do not have to modify the script to address specific names of

For example, this situation might occur when using my “eject all external disks” script. Now I have 3 disk drives still electrically connected but not mounted. Now I want to mount them all again without having to remove them and plug them back in.

Right now I have some ideas, but they are complex. I would rather not re-invent the wheel if there is something out there already or some simple command that someone knows about that will pull this off.

In the past I have used this script:

diskutil mount `diskutil list | grep 'Apple_HFS Volume Name' | perl -pe 's/.*\b(disk\w+)\b.*/$1/'`

Hello Peter , can you please insert the macro again, I can only see a question mark, thank you.


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