Opening a Different Window Overview

I would like to create a shortcut that opens this window:

Which is currently (Ventura) being opened via a ctrl click or a middle-mouse-click on the dock icon.

But with a global hotkey that opens it for the current (focused) app, no matter where the mouse is.

I tried out some GUI scripting and couldn't manage to activate the Dock (in Ventura). Perhaps someone else will have more luck, but in the meantime, what's the end goal of opening that menu? There might be a more direct way to do what you'd like to do.

The goal is to have a neat overview of the currently open windows at my fingertips (via a mouse button (device key) hotkey)

Application Exposé is not reliable on my system for a weird reason.

Perhaps you could try something like this:

Choose Window.kmmacros (47 KB)

Macro screenshot

Trigger the macro and you will be presented with a list of the current application's visible windows. Choosing one from the list will bring it to the front.

Thank you.

But nothing happens when I trigger the macro :man_shrugging:

I've also wasted a lot of time with chatGPT to try and get to give me an AppleScript for my purpose.

To no avail.

was it this overview that your macro was suppsed to show?

Better Touch Tool lets me open that via the "show window switcher for all open apps option"
It used to look different. In the past. And I always wondered, whether it was a BTT feature or a macos feature. The problem used to be that it opened too slowly, but now it's fast enough.

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I've updated the macro above, as I realised it could be even simpler.

Have you enabled it? How are you triggering it? What group is it in?

Not quite. It should show you all open windows per app, which I believe is what you asked for.

Have you tried the Window Switcher?

Yeah ChatGPT isn't there yet for AS.

I simply haven't moved it out of the test group.

now it works and does exactly what I asked for

However I prefer the BTT solution because of the app icons and I opt for showing windows of all apps.

I wonder why this way of window navigation isn't more commonly used.