Opening windows from ANY application in the same place

For the life of me, I do not know why many of these “resize-your-window” widgets do not size to 70% or so, as 50% on a 1920 x 1200 does not allow most websites to render fully in the horizontal.

I am forever frustrated by different applications opening windows in different default sizes, etc. I realize that programs like System Preferences are not resizable, but there are other programs that simply open at less than maximum vertical, when they could. And I also realize that some of these programs open in the location where they were last closed, etc.

But I don’t care about any of that.

What I am looking to set up is a macro that, for ANY app, forces every new window to open in the same location on the main screen, even if it is a new window from a currently running app (e.g., command-N in Chrome).


  • as large as possible vertically on my main monitor.
  • 70% width
  • left side of the monitor.
  • I do not want want the window slightly offset from the previous one, simply and exactly placed in the same place every time.

The fact that this type of window-opening behavior might not be suitable for certain applications I will deal with later.

Anyway, I would appreciate any guidance on how this might be accomplished.

There isn’t any way to make every new window in every app behave that way.

You can have a macro triggered by Command-N that selects the menu, waits for the window to arrive and then resizes it.

Or you can just have a macro triggered by a hot key that resizes and positions the window.

Resizing to 70%,100% left side is easily done. Use the Manipulate Window action, and select the Move & Resize Custom -> Left Column, and then just adjust the 50% to 70%.

You can do this if you also use a window placement app called Moom ( With this you can define a custom control to resize and place an active window where you want ( it does other stuff too). Then all you need do is to make a macro that is triggered by application activation and which types the keystroke for the hot key you set up in Moom.

You will have to make a macro for each app you wish to behave this way unless you can create a script to cycle through all/any app as they are opened.

Well I have all the window placement apps (just about), including Moom
(used extensively), Divvy, etc… I figure those in combo with KM can be
worked out. I have my own ideas on this. If I’m successful, I’ll let you
know. Thanks to all.