Option to Display Shortcuts to Left of Palette Items?

@peternlewis: I would like to be able to control whether the shortcuts shown with my palette appear on the left or right of the entires. Here is an extreme example. (See Open Standalone Web Pages — Great for References - general - Keyboard Maestro Discourse.)

I use this all the time, but I keep finding myself confused about whether the shortcuts in the middle column apply to the items on the left or in the middle. To me, since they are closer to the items in the middle, they should apply to those. I would argue that this should always be true, but I realize that isn't going to change. But maybe we could have a choice? I mean now that a few people on the forum are doing all your work for you and have written the community edition of KM 8, surely you have time to add a few interface options? :grin:

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Noted, but it probably wont happen unless I do some sort of “theme construction system” which I probably wont do for the next version - Palettes got lots of work for the previous version, I probably wont do much with them for the next version.

This isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but you could break those into individual palettes, and position them so the layout is close to what you’ve shown. You could even write some code so that if you dragged one of the palettes, the other palettes would follow it.

I’d think easiest would be to include the shortcut in the macro name, such as

AppleScript Language Guide ⇧A

so shortcuts can be seen immediately after the macro name rather than right-justified within palette columns.

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