"or" boolean

I want to target windows with title containing "box" or "message", but this isn't working. Tried to find the answer in the help docs. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

That's a nice attempt, but I don't think the syntax for matching names would work in that action. How could it work when there might be two matches, and then which one would be the one the action should bering to the front?

I don't understand what you want. You can't bring two windows to the front at the same time. By definition, only one window can be in front of all the others.

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Somehow your post sparked the answer, even though I've been stumped for awhile. I just need to do this.

I guess I was stuck on using the least # of actions possible. Thanks!

Use box|message for a regex match. You wouldn't have quotes in a window title.

To achieve what you want you need to specify a regex expression with a title that matches like this:

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Strange, neither of those suggestions work for me :thinking:

Edit: when I use "matching" as tiffle said, it works, even though I want "contains". I guess it's because of the regex! Thank you.

I learn things every day. Indeed there is a "matching" option for that action. I'm not sure how it works yet.

But since you found a solution that uses two actions, I guess it's merely an academic question now.

That "matching" evaluates a regex, which in your case is the same as saying "contains" as in "if the title contains 'box' or 'message'" then go ahead. "matching" is not the same as "equals."

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