Organizing variables (2000+)

I am currently using hand-typed tables inside variables for assigning values (using get substring) to macro variables. The table looks like this:

m2 / /24 /unified minds
m2 / /25 /unbroken bonds
m1 / /23 /team up
m2 / /23 /lost thunder
m2 / /25 /celestial storm
c1 / /13 /forbiden light
m1 / /17 /ultra prism
c1 / /12 /hidden fates
m1 / /8 /energies

This is just a small one but there are many more large ones and it's getting cumbersome to deal with.

I want one table that i can put values in and access without having to space each column manually as do now, and perhaps a better way to get a value from the table (i currently use get substring). For scale, I will need at least 2000 rows and the number only grows.

Also i'd like a way to organize the table by number values or alphabetical if possible.


2000 rows may be stretching the usability of this technique, but you can give it a try to see if the performance is acceptable:
Lookup / Search within macros (telephone directory) / internal "database" in KM and how to do it elegantly?

I would store the data as files, maybe the source file being Excel, which you can export to text as TAB delimited when needed. If the performance is unacceptable, you could save to separate files based on some category.

Here is a simple example to get you started.
Instead of storing the data in a KM Variable, I would change to use a file.

MACRO: Replace Text with Numbers; OR, Lookup Data Using RegEx [Example]

For really large datasets (>> 2,000 rows), I would consider:

  1. SQL Database (SQLite)
  2. Excel using VLookup

Both of those obviously require more development effort, but will easily provide a good return if this is an ongoing workflow.