OT: Undo in Google Docs?

Off Topic, anyone having issues with Cmd-Z in Safari?

Restores closed tabs, instead of Undo!

I just tried it out in both Sierra and Mojave and all was copacetic.

Restore closed tab should be: T

But – I have seen occasions when Z did it.

I have no idea of how long ago the last occurrence was though.

Very frustrating when you're trying to undo something and the UI changes before your eyes...


In my experience way back here at 10.11.6 and with no experience using Google Docs, Command-Z to Undo in Safari will undo text when the cursor is in a text field and otherwise will restore previously closed window tabs.

I said cursor, but I meant the text insertion point, also known as the I-cursor.

thanks, will keep checking, as I don't remember installing anything

EDIT: It's working now, thanks