Outlook Message Links

These macros let you access Outlook messages via a URL handler.

Apple's Mail has a great URL handler so that you can use a message:// URL to open up specific messages. This is especially good for linking to mail messages from your task manager, notes app, etc..

These macros add the same capability to Microsoft Outlook 2016 (probably works in earlier version, too), taking advantage of the "kmtrigger" URL scheme and Spotlight.

There are two macros, one copies a kmtrigger:// URL to link to the current message, and other other is the very simple handler macro to open up the message.

Outlook Message Links.kmmacros (3.5 KB)

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Thanks for sharing. They seem to work fine in Outlook 2011.

Two suggestions:

  1. Use the UUID instead of the Macro name.
  • Then if the name changes the proper macro will still get called.
  • kmtrigger://macro=CA36CA82-2FBD-4CD0-A54E-73E2EDDF6D10&value=%Variable%InstanceMessageID%
  1. Add a notification to the bottom of the first macro so the user knows that something has happened: