Output list of macros

It seems like this should have been addressed, but I can’t find it in searches.

I would like to get a list of the macros (maybe the contents of the smart folders “All Macros” or “Enabled Macros”) that I have. I DO NOT want the contents of the macros, simply the title and the trigger. Preferably, this would be to a CSV file or spreadsheet.

Is this possible?


Hey Tony,

In a word? No. It’s not a feature of Keyboard Maestro.

On the other hand…

Macro Repository (i.e. Version Control) Beta

Some people don’t take “no” for an answer.  :smile:

While Dan’s macro doesn’t do just what you want, it may give you some ideas. (And he has a few others on the Forum that might as well.)


Thanks for the reply, Chris.

It seems like such an elementary thing that should be a menu item. Output to a csv file would make it so simple to make quick reference cheatsheets to your macros.

I’ll check out the link and see if that might give me an idea.


If you just want titles, just select them and Copy.

If you want triggers too, then you’ll need to look at other solutions.

Keyboard Maestro does not operate with csv generally. It works with XML, which is far more expressive. For example, macros have multiple triggers which would not be sensibly displayed in a csv.

You can get the list of groups and macros in a variety ways by using AppleScript to the Keyboard Maestro Engine, or you can go direct to the Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist file.

If you want them in some format other than XML, you will have to do some translation.

If you want a nice UI of currently action hot key (and a few other) triggered macros, you could use KeyCue.

Hey Tony,

I don’t disagree, but you’ll have to convince Peter. :wink:

Don’t forget about “Trigger Macros by Name” it helps, although it’s not a panacea.


You’re right about Dan’s Macro Repository macro. It did exactly what it was supposed to do, but not what I wanted it to do. There might be something there to build on, though. Being a relative nooby to Keyboard Maestro, it may take a while for me to get to it.


Thanks, Peter.

If there is anything in the plist file that could be extracted via macro, it’s definitely beyond me.

Key Cue is impressive, but too expensive for occasional use to generate what should be a relatively easy list…a list of Keyboard Maestro macros with their triggers.

Guess I’ll keep trying. That’s one way to learn more about KM.


Keyboard Maestro does not have any direct tools for reading/writing XML. The best bet is problem JXA.

Search for forum for XML (or plist) and you will likely find a lot of info on the subject, such as:

Do you speak JavaScript?

I’m pretty sure that @DanThomas has posted some macros/scripts that will read the KM macro plist file into JavaScript objects. Once there it should not be too hard to filter the macro object list for the data you want.

I’d start with Dan’s macro to trigger a macro by name.

No, but maybe I can figure out enough to accomplish what I need to.