Override Keystroke

I'm trying to build a "cancel" override for Things's Quick Entry. This is launched by "⌃ Space" and cancelled by the "Esc" key.

I tried "Pause Until" keystroke without success.

Is there a way to listen for the "Esc" key and prevent it from cancelling the action after I press the initial keyboard shortcut to launch the group? I'm assuming the best way is to toggle a Macro Group on and off that globally mutes the esc key.

Since this is a UI overlay, I make a Macro Group that works with only "Things" or "Things Helper". And ideally I don't have a Found Image running every time I press "Esc" Globally.

Any tricks here?

You can capture (and swallow and ignore) the Escape key using a hot key trigger.

As you know you will have to activate/deactivate the enclosing macro group or enable/disable the macro so it only applies when appropriate. But exactly how you know when to start and stop, that I don't really know since it is hard to detect a UI overlay thing showing up or going away.