Paid Support Please!


Is an IT person able to offer paid support to copy-and-paste-from-excel-to-website (name, address etc)? I’ve hired through upwork a few times before but prefer someone who is a bit more fluent with keyboard maestro.

This will probably require use of variables and possibly apple or javascript.

Fixed price, remoting-in to desktop (as data is confidential) and plenty of other work to come!
Australian Eastern standard time but I can be flexible around your time to login and arrange and test the macros / log into the websites.

Happy to just get the process going as variables with excel is going to be above me!

Specific macro:
A: Navigate a website, click through 3-4 menus to export the spreadsheet (the website has an export spreadsheet function) - I’ve done this, but check it over to see if you can find any more efficiencies.
B: Open excel, export data (name - 1st / 2nd / address / mobile phone) into a different website field (name - 1st / 2nd / address / mobile)

Keyboard maestro is amazing. I reckon most businesses don’t know what they are missing.