Paid upgrade?

I just received this message:

Is it a paid upgrade? What's new?

As with all major versions of Keyboard Maestro, it is a paid upgrade if you have not purchased it recently.

The upgrade is free if you purchased since January 1, 2015.

The upgrade is $18 if you purchased Keyboard Maestro 6.x before January 1, and if you purchase the upgrade by October 15, 2015.

The upgrade is $25 if you purchased any version of Keyboard Maestro, or after October 15.

Otherwise, the price is $36 for a new license.

And, of course, there is no necessity to upgrade if none of the work that went in to 7.0 is useful to you.

As quoted in the documentation,

It is our informal policy to have a paid major upgrade roughly once every 12 to 24 months. This allows us to have a reasonably consistent revenue stream with which to fund development of Keyboard Maestro.

This is why Keyboard Maestro is now 7.0, why it is still being developed after more than a decade, and why it is such a powerful tool today.

Thanks for your support.


Thanks for the clarification and congratulations with the new version! Of course I’ll buy an upgrade, since this is one of the apps that really needs to be supported :smile:

Very impressive, this list:

I presume that version 7 will act as a trial until registered. If so, how long will the trial last?

The trial is normally about a month, but for major releases I always have an extended trial initially to allow fully exploring the new version so it will be several months before it starts complaining.

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Sorry I didn’t see what you were probably relally saying, that the release notes were still showing the old version! Sigh.

I’ve fixed that, but you can see all the new stuff in the What’s New docs.

Also, there is a video that shows some of the new stuff in action on the main web page.

Yep, that was indeed the point. Should have been clearer.

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Thank you Peter—the trial is truly helpful!

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Month? Wow, that is impressive. I instantly bought and love it :slight_smile:

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