Palette Icon with built-in triggers

First, this certainly isn't meant to be beautiful :joy:, just functional. And it's just an example.

I am a visual guy. KM Palettes with long names and a trigger that comes at the end of a line don't work well for me.

On the other hand, I immediately recognize an icon or a face and can also keep in mind which macro is behind it.

For macros that I rarely use, but absolutely need and don't want to remember the shortcut, I use palettes of icons with a built-in trigger, in the upper left corner - so to speak. This way I capture the icon, the macro behind it and the trigger fast and at the same time.


If I actually forget what an icon means, I just have to move the mouse over it and get the info.


None of this is an insanely great idea :wink:, but it helps me and maybe it will help someone else who has the same problem. If someone has a better idea that leads to the same goal, I'm of course very interested. :pray:

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