Palette not in focus to click for username + password entry screen - works everywhere else (docs/ urls)

I have got Palettes working for other applications and everywhere else.

1 palette I created was:

  1. Open up password manager (1password) so the login screen appears.
  2. Palette opens up.
  3. Type number of palette menu (1-4)
  4. Number refers to KeyChain to retrieve the password...

Is here is that after #2 -whilst the Palette is open - it looks like it is in focus, however it just types the number into the Password Manager login screen..

I have to use the mouse to click on Palette, #3 and #4 works...

Any insights?

just realised the palette seems not to work when trying input fields for username and password
but if on any input fields (ie. this post box or say chrome URL input) - triggers the keychain retrieval..