Palette remains active but not visible even though in accomplishes its task

I have recently been having difficulty with macro groups remaining active after an action has happened. It hasn’t been repeatable enough until now. I have macro group one which displays as a palette that has macros that open up other macro groups.


This works as expected. When the hot key trigger is typed Macro Group 1 disappears and becomes in active. Macro Group 2 Palette shows up.

All of the macros in Macro Group 2 are triggered using hot key triggers (A, B, C, etc). When the triggering happens, the action runs and the palette disappears. However it then remains active so typing any of the keys defined as 'triggers' activates the corresponding macro in Macro Group 2. The Group is not visible, but remains Active and listening for triggers. This continues until I disable the macro group. Here is a screen shot of the settings. . .


Why might this be happening?

When you no longer want the Palette from MG2 to show, then you need to deactivate it. You can do this as the last action in any/all of the macros in MG2.

See Activate/Deactivate Macro Group action

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Thanks. I thought the deactivation of the group was automatic after the action occurred. Will explore more. Thanks for pointing out the deactivation action.

Okay an update here because I still am living with this problem and can’t seem to find the answer on my own. I am reiterating what I wrote before and adding more pictures. Bare with me . . .

Here is the workflow:

I have a Macro Group called Editorium which is the jumping off point for many commonly used macros. This group is:

  • Available in all applications.
  • Available in all windows.
  • Shows a palette for one action when: The hot key ⌃Right Arrow is pressed.

From Editorium I access a macro called MediaSpace .

Media Space is:

  • Triggered when the Hot Key R is pressed
  • It executes the following actions:
    • Show Macro Group ResourceSpace” for One Action
    • Cancel This Macro

The Macro Group ResourceSpace is
* Available in all applications.
* Available in all windows.
* Activated for one action when:
* Manually activated by an action

It shows a palette of macros each being triggered by a hot key. The macros are grouped by hot key. Pressing a hot key, a cluster will show up in a conflict palette and I can choose which one to action in the usual way of choosing the next letter required. This works very well most of the time. There are six or seven different hot key triggers. Five share the hot key of A .

Here is an example:The Account Apply Instr .
* Is triggered by the Hot Key A is
* Executes the following actions:
* Insert Text by Pasting
* Cancel

When I use the workflow, the macros that use A as a hot key remain active and show up whenever I use the key A . None of the other macros, which have other letters as hot keys, remain active show up when I use the key, only the ones with A .The only way to stop the activation of the A trigger is to disable the Macro Group.

What am I doing wrong?

There was a bug that I fixed recently that related to how the Conflict Palette disabled and reenabled existing hot keys.

Since the “A” key actually has keyboard code of 0, it is quite possible that this bug will also cause what you are seeing.

In which case it should be fixed in the next version. However, I am hesitant to release new versions at this time in case the update message affects unattended Macs. I probably will eventually as I expect this crisis to continue on for 6-24 months. But not at the moment. If you want, you can try a beta - email

I tried your solution, but when I add deactivate macro group at the end of my macro, the group remains inactive, and I can't trigger its macros the next time around. There must be something I don't understand. thank you JM

Yep. :wink:
You need to have another macro that will first ACTIVATE the same MG before it can be used.

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thank you JM