Palette Style panel vanishes in KM 7

I have several macro panels that I want to style. In KM 7 I clicked "Pallete Style" and the Theme Editor opened. I made my mods, then pressed "Copy". So far, so good. Now I go to the next pallete group and click "Pallete Style". Nothing. I cannot seem to do anything that will make the Theme Editor open again. The Pallete Style is selected (see the blue border) but that's it. I thought maybe the Theme Editor disappeared into another Space -- nope.

Any suggestions? This is a great feature but I've run out of ideas.

Hmm, I couldn’t find a way to duplicate it.

If you click elsewhere and then back on the palette button, does the editor become available again?

If you quit and relaunch the editor, does the editor become available again?

If so, can you duplicate the problem? If not, hmm, not sure what to suggest next.

I cracked it – at least, over here I can replicate the problem. Let’s say there are three Macro Groups that have “shows a pallete…” configured:

1 Group
2 Group
3 Group

The first and last groups have Macros inside them. The second group does not. If I click “Palette Style” in 1 Group or 3 Group then the Theme Editor will open as expected. As soon as I click “Paltette Style” in 2 Group then Theme Editor will not open for that group, or any other group from that point forward. So that’s the bug (if it is a bug): the Theme Editor cannot be opened for empty palletes (makes sense) and attempting to do so cancels further operation with the Theme Editor.

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Thanks @korm - that is really useful.

I think its more simple than that - if you try to edit the style of a macro group with no macros in it, bad things happened (it crashed the editor for me).

I’m sure that will be easily fixed for 7.0.1 - I’ll just add some dummy macro examples in the palette if its empty like I do in the Preferences palettes.

Thanks a lot - reproducible bugs are so much easier to resolve!

Thanks for adding this to the fix list :sunglasses: