Palettes are my Touch Bar

Because I miss the Touch Bar on my new M1 Macbook Air, I built app specific palettes, at the bottom of the Macbook screen. Each icon is a palette that is exactly above the F-Key. So I can press the appropriate F-Keys right under the icon/palette. This works perfectly for me.

But I have two problems.

  1. what do I have to do so that the palettes are always visible on the screen of the Air? Not on the external monitor. This happens sometimes when the Mac wakes up.

  2. I want the palettes to be visible automatically. If I have to restart KM (or the System), I have to make the palettes visible again with shortcuts.

Thank you for your support.

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That's neat!

  1. These threads might help. I've been looking them over in an attempt to make some kind of HUD:
    Create a HUD or Overlay Screen?
    Dynamic dialog with realtime variable info?

  2. Trigger your macro with an Engine Launch trigger. Not sure when it arrived on the scene but I'm in version 10.
    Then you can set KM Engine to run when your computer starts via System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items > + > Cmd-Shift+G
    Standard location is '/Applications/Keyboard Maestro'

Thank you kraftyDevil

I have solved everything :slight_smile: with one exception.

How do I tell KM to always show a palette on the internal screen (Macbook)? I think KM automatically chooses the main screen.

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That's great! Unfortunately I am not sure about customizing palettes like this. Are you able to share your macro or a mock example so I can play around with it?

Thank you again kraftyDevil :slight_smile:

I have found that it is easiest when the internal screen is the main screen. That way everything runs perfectly.