Palettes Galore on Desktop when starting/restarting iMac

When I start or re-start my iMac there are palettes everywhere on the screen even though they were toggled off when I closed down. I presume there is a simple way to change this behaviour? Appreciate some feedback on this one, …

This is very unusual. I don't think I've every seen it.

Display of palettes is mostly controlled by Macro Groups -- Displaying a Palette.
You may also want to read Palettes -- KM Wiki.

If that does not solve your problem, please post a screen shot of one of your Macro Groups whose palette is displayed when you restart your Mac. Be sure to include the MG setup properties.

Thanks you triggered a bit more focus on my part and I have sorted this out and also I worked out how to stop the Global Macro Pallette showing (by not using it at all) :slight_smile: