Pandoc MD to RTF

I am trying to convert MD to RTF with pandoc, I am using a script seen many times on the internet that I have now running great as a service... but it's not working for me, I get an empty clipboard.
If I remove the piping to pbcopy I get an text representation of RTF... but that's not what I'm after. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Cheers, Riccardo

Hi, Riccardo

Just swap the "Save to System Clipboard" to "Ignore results".

The former saves the output results of pbcopy (nothing) to the clipboard, when pbcopy has already done that.

To diagnose this, set up a separate macro to "Activate Clipboard History Switcher" and run it. Leave the Switcher window on screen.

Copy the Markdown you want to translate (and confirm it appears in the Switcher), then run your pandoc translation macro. The Switcher window should now show that the RTF is generated and copied by your macro, but it then copies an empty string straight afterwards...

Best wishes,

PS when you use #! at the start of the script, I'd remove the space between the characters