Pass parameter with URL trigger


If I trigger a KM macro using a web URL trigger, is it possible for me to include in that URL a parameter that gets passed to KM as a variable?

Yes of course. Just look in the KM wiki here:

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i did go through the wiki. Couldn't understand so came here on the forum. Found someone asked similar question.

I have two questions:
instead of &value=something, can we pass on variable as &bird=chicken? where bird is a variable and chicken is the value of the variable. Example use case as follows:

what if i am trying to run a subroutine which requires me to pass on values for the variables like the screenshot below:

In both your examples the variables you mention (bird, debug__ListFile, etc.) are all global so you can set their values in any other macro that you like.

So in your first example, in the calling macro set bird to the value eagle and when you execute your test macro the test of bird will result in "some other bird" being spoken.

Your second example shows a subroutine. Now, subroutines are triggered by the Execute a Subroutine action, not by a URL trigger and it's in that action that you defines the values of the parameters. I'm not really sure what your actual question is in this case.

I'd advise you to perhaps reframe your question in a new post with a description of what the problem is that you're trying to solve.

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I just posted my question this morning. Let me tag you there and explain what I am after.