Password to run macro


I want the macro to ask for a password to run after the macro has been triggered.

Is this possible in any way?

Well, you could. Though it depends how secure you'd want it to be :wink:

This suggestion would work, but wouldn't be very secure:

  • Ask for User Input to %Variable%VarName% at the beginning of your macro

  • Then use If All Conditions Met Execute Actions to wrap up the rest of your macro, and allowing it to run only if %Variable%VarName% contains your password.

Of course, anyone with access to your machine could find that password by opening up the macro themselves...

Hi @krbjorge, I myself use 2 types of a KM Autofill login.

If I am at home in a secure environment, I use this KM macro, which inserts the password via the MacOS keychain:

System : macOS Keychain.kmmacros (28,1 KB)



When I am on the road with the MacBook Pro, the macOS keychain macro is deactivated and I use a macro which autofills my password via the 1Password Mini.

I block the access to the Keyboard Maestro with the App iLock to prevent a foreign access to my macros.

If the 1Password Mini / 1PM is locked, the macro pauses until I have manually unlocked the 1PM with the master password and then sets me the correct password.

System : 1Password.kmmacros (220,5 KB)



Both possibilities can of course be built into extended macros :wink:
If you are interested in one of the two macros, please contact me here and I will explain in more detail how you have to set them up.


Thanks! That will probably work for mye use.