Paste as plain text in Microsoft Word and Excel

Annoyingly, there doesn't seem an easy way to be able to paste text as plain text (i.e. without any formatting) into Microsoft Word and Excel using a keyboard shortcut. Can Keyboard Maestro help with this

I actually have a palette macro I use in Excel that offers that, amongst other hard-to-do things:

app-Excel palette Macros.kmmacros (82 KB)


If you didn't want the others, and/or not as a palette, you can move them out and tie each to a hot key and delete those you don't want.

This version is bound to Shift-Control-E. With text on the clipboard, I hit the hot key, then T, F, X, or V depending on what I want to paste.



Here, FWIW is a Keyboard Maestro 11 version of a more general Paste As Plain Text:

Paste as plain text.kmmacros (6.0 KB)

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That's brill thanks.