Paste by Name to a variable

I really like the new Paste by Name action but I have two questions.

Is it possible to save the result in a variable instead of pasting it? This would be useful for typing the result instead of pasting it (i.e. to work around some text encoding bugs when pasting text with accents in Acrobat). Back in KM9, I managed to create a macro that did this by making a list from the clipboard history entries and using the Prompt With List action, but it's much slower.

Also, for languages with accents, is there a way to make the fuzzy search not take accents into account? Currently, typing the French word “reponse” (without the accent) will not display entries containing the word “réponse” (with accent), which is not what you would usually expect.

No, but I can see the use in this so I will add it to the todo list.

Yes, I suspect most/all searching in Keyboard Maestro should be diacritic insensitive. But I had a quick look and the regex system does not have an option for that that can just be turned on, so it will take some looking at to see how and where it should be done.

Thank you for the responses!