Paste by Name

I'm going to post a series of tips and tutorials about the new features in Keyboard Maestro 10.

One of my favorites is the new Paste by Name action. You can add this action in a default macro form from the Macro Library, it’s pretty simple, just:

Paste by Name.kmmacros (1.7 KB)

It lets you quickly paste any text from your clipboard history using the same spotlight-like search used for other features like Trigger Macro by Name and all the Insert by Name actions in the editor.

You would not believe how many times I used this in the week after releasing Keyboard Maestro 10, pasting snippets of support text to multiple people, mixing and matching different things I’d copied.

So try this out, and see if it is something you’d like to start using.


Hey Folks,

This produces a pop-up window like so:



Actually, I can totally believe it, and I'm sure I'll wonder how I ever lived without it. Thanks for this!

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I can see why you like it. It's pretty compelling. Clipboards are one of KM's shining strengths, but I admit I don't use them much. Does it work on plaintext only, or also on styled text?

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So USEFUL, thank you sir

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Outstanding. Something I never thought of but just seeing this post makes me realize it's something I will likely use many, many times a day. Thanks for sharing Peter!

EDIT: Also, thanks for doing this. ↑ I'm sure a lot of folks here will really look forward and benefit from them.



I only installed the new version today, and I truly love this feature. It bothered me that the list was sorted alphabetically, but it turns out there's a "gear" option to turn that off. Very cool.


The clipboards retain their styling, but you can only see the plain text so a bit of both.

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Fabulous! Thanks for pointing it out to me. I already had "paste" mapped to a function key (easier on the thumb than ⌘v) but I used the short-press/long-press trick discussed elsewhere so that a long-press on the paste button performs paste-by-name. This rocks!