Paste Date Failing After Upgrading to Mojave

I just upgraded to Mojave and KM 8.2.4 from High Sierra and KM 6.x.x

I had a macro that set hot key F1 to

1st Action - set the system clipboard text to” %ICUDateTime%yyyyMMdd% %ShortTime”

2nd Action - Type the Paste Key Stroke – a command –V

It worked in word, file name dialogs, every place I think.

It stopped working when I upgraded to Mojave.

The 1st Action appears to work. If I do a manual paste after hitting F1 the date/time shows up in word doc.

But I have to do it manually. It’s like the 2nd action will not happen.

I deleted the 2nd Action to see if I could force it to happen by reinserting and now I see no way to “type the paste key stroke”. It does not show up in any of the drop down menus I see. And that appears to be the only way to enter key strokes. Enter, tab, esc, all appear but no paste.

How do I enter a paste command?

I can't figure out how to get the insert text by typing either.

I am a complete novice at this. I think the only thing I use KM for is the insert date time with F1 key.

Hey @jclewis00,

I think it's likely you're running into a timing issue.

Put a 1 second Pause action after action 1 and then once it's working make the pause smaller until it fails – then reset appropriately.


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You are probably hitting the Accessibility Permission Problem. Toggling the Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine accessibility checkboxes will probably resolve it.