Paste multiple clippings formated

Hi, I have a dictionary software and I want to copy some articles from it and paste them into MS Word but pasting multiple clippings destroys the format. Is there a solution to it?

Activate KM's "Clipboard History Switcher" -- you'll find it in the "Switcher Group".

You could then paste in previous clipboard items manually from there (uncheck the "X" button to keep History on-screen) in any order you like. Unfortunately, it looks like multi-selecting items to paste all at once results in them being pasted in the reverse order in which you copied them (you might be able to change your workflow to get round that, or someone may know a switch I missed).

More about the "Clipboard History Switcher" at

You could also use the "Paste" item under the KM menu bar icon -- it isn't as informative, but may be enough for you to pick the right things in the right order.

If you are always copying the same number of things then pasting them you could adapt the Macro Library's "Paste Previous Clipboard" to loop through previous items, starting with n as your "number of things copied" and decrementing n with each loop.

If you have variable numbers of "clippings" you might be able to do something with "Named Clipboards" -- I'm thinking of a bunch of empty Named Clipboards, a macro that copies to the first, non-empty, one of those each time, and a "paste" macro that loops through pasting each non-empty Named Clipboard in the bunch, then sets them all to empty. But I'm sure someone has something neater!

If you need more than manual pasting from "Clipboard History Switcher" then tighten up your spec (eg what, if anything, should separate each pasted entry?), repost your question, and I'm sure the Forum will come up with something.

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