"Paste Plain" pastes with random fonts

I use the "Paste plain" macro regularly and there are frequent occasions where the text is not pasted as plain but rather in a random font that is not present in the origin document or the destination document. I think it happens with apps like Word or OneNote but I'm not sure in what situation it happens, it seems random.

Apps like Word have a private clipboard, so you have to force the Word clipboard and system clipboards to sync.

There should be an API for doing this, but as far as I know there isn't one.

So – the only thing you can do is pop out of Word for a second and then pop back in.

You can run something like this in an Execute an AppleScript action:

tell application "SystemUIServer"
end tell

delay 0.1

tell application "Microsoft Word"
end tell

Change the delay as necessary.


Thanks, I will try this.

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