Paste variable into inactive window

I have a writing workflow that uses two windows in the same application side by side. The windows have varying titles with no rhyme or reason it seems. Both can have the same title. What I'd like to do is run a macro action that pastes the clipboard into the left window no matter its name. Or maybe I'd settle for always pasting from the active to the window that wasn't active.

This shows the two windows in my workflow.

I have macros that take highlighted text from the active window and I'd like to dependably paste it into the other window. But the window names are always changing. I know it sounds like I should be using drag and drop for this be the macro copies text from one window and uses it to search in the second window.

This might seem too simple to be true, but in many apps, hitting ⌘` switches focus between windows. I don't know which app you're using so I can't test properly, but give it a try.

You can add another ⌘` at the end if you want to switch back to the window that was previously active.


BINGO! @noisneil thanks. Can you hear that thud? The sound of my hand hitting my forehead. I've used that particular key combination for years and years. Like ⌘TAB, it is so ingrained I didn't see it in this application. I thought there must be a way to activate a window in a specific position, and I completely overlooked this super simple solution.

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Happens to the best of us bud. Glad it's sorted. :+1:t3: