Pasting an Image From Clipboard Into Facebook Comment

So, here's a strange one.

I use Facebook Marketplace to sell my kids' unused toys and everything else that appears to be piling up around the house. I have a number of macros for pasting text (e.g. address, directions, payment methods) that are triggered by typed string (e.g. fb-addr).

I have one for maps, set the set way. I have a clipboard set with an image of a map. If I use that macro in, say, a Word document, it correctly pastes the image. If I try this in the Facebook comment field, it does not work. But if I copy the image and then paste into the Facebook using standard CMD+V, it works.

So everything I have to open another doc to copy from for this aspect. It's the one part that is not streamlined for replying to people.

Can anyone suggest why this does not work and how I might work around this?

Hey Lloyd,

Please post a sample macro that demonstrate the problem in the least possible number of steps.


It really is as simple as the description. I have a clipboard that has an image in, when I trigger the macro, it pastes what is in that clipboard.

This is the clipboard:

This is the macro

If I run this macro in any app that would normally allow pasting of an image, it works, but Facebook does not allow it. But if I ran that macro to paste it into, say Notes app, then copied and pasted with CMD+C, CMD+V into Facebook it works.