Pasting into an email message


I'm new to Keyboard maestro, and trying to do something really simple, but I can't get it to work. I think I'm missing something.

I want to copy something to the clipboard then run a macro that copies it into body of an email and send it. I thought I could use the %systemclipboard% in the send mail message action to paste into the message but that doesn't work.

Any help much appreciated.


What's on the Clipboard? You're limited to plain text, or something the Clipboard can present as plain text, in that Action.

Set the "Create..." option to "and leave open" so you can properly troubleshoot, try by copying a single word of plain text, and work up from there. And remember to say how something doesn't work -- I'm assuming you aren't getting the Clipboard contents inserted as they should be, but it might be that it isn't even creating a new email!

Thanks for the reply.

It is creating the email, but not pasting in the content from the clipboard, which is just a list. What i get in the email is the text %Systemclipboard%

Best post your actual macro (not an image) -- instructions can be found here.

Your screen shot looks OK, including capitalisation in the token (tokens are case-sensitive), so include a note of your OS version and someone will be able to try and reproduce the problem.

Hey Sam

Here is a simple way to use the UI to get this done. Not at all elegant, and still useful. I was looking this morning on the forum having tried the very same thing to get the clipboard pasted into the body of the email.

The token %SystemClipboard% pasted into a text field just shows up as text as you found. What's needed is a way to use the Paste Action to paste the contents of the System (or some other) clipboard into the body of the email. The Shift-Tab keystroke action moves the insertion point from the address field to the body text field. From there the Paste Action pastes the current content of the System Clipboard. Later, if you want to get fancy, you can create Named Clipboards and paste from them rather than the System Clipboard.

The included macro was uploaded in an activated state and has no trigger. I rarely use triggers as I prefer to have palettes that I have onscreen and trigger from there. That's just my preference.

IMPORTANT This macro also has MY email address in it which you will have to change to YOUR email address unless you plan on sending me your clipboards :wink:.

Have fun learning!

Send Mail Message.kmactions (758 B)