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The following macro does not work on High Sierra when attempting to cut to a clipboard, modify it and paste from it in Open Office (latest version 4.1.8) or LibreOffice, while it does work in Chrome or TextEdit. Any idea what may be causing this issue ? Changing the trigger from one Hot Key to another or firing it thanks to the "Trigger Macro by Name" toolbar doesn't change anything.

Cut to Named Clipboard “Italics_HTML”
Pause for 1.5 Seconds
Set Named Clipboard “Italics_HTML_transformed” to Styled Text “%NamedClipboard%Italics_HTML%
Apply Style to Named Clipboard “Italics_HTML_transformed”
Pause for 1.5 Seconds
Insert Styled Text “%NamedClipboard%Italics_HTML_transformed%” by Pasting

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Hey @Volpila,

It looks like LibreOffice has a private clipboard.

You can get around it by doing something like this.

LibreOffice ⇢ Process the Clipboard ⇢ Example 1.00.kmmacros (8.1 KB)

It's clunky, but it's pretty fast.

If you have further problems please post an actual macro with the simplest test case that illustrates the issue.

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